Planet Agriculture

Planet Agriculture is the Texas Farm Bureau's exhibit displayed at fairs and stock shows across the state of Texas. Planet Agriculture highlights agriculture commodities grown in Texas. While visiting the exhibit, guests will discover a whole new world in the agriculture industry:

Learn how:

  • Lipstick comes from beef cattle
  • Crayons come from pigs
  • Ranch dressing comes from cotton
  • Marshmallows come from sheep & goats

Did you know Texas ranks number 1 in cotton production in the U.S.?

Planet Agriculture also provides a presentation stage to give guests a personal learning experience while visiting the exhibit. Presentations range from leather crafting, hand spinning wool, food nutrition and learning the advantages of therapeutic riding. These presentations vary with each venue to give guests a more localized educational experience.

  • Computer games located throughout the exhibit will test guest's knowledge on cotton, corn, pork, beef, poultry and more.
  • Short videos will give guests insight on a variety of commodities produced in Texas.
  • Cotton gin demonstrations will give guests a step-by-step explanation of cotton and its transition from field to fabric. They will see the importance of Eli Whitney's great invention and even get to spin cotton into threads themselves.
  • Guests can also participate in a variety of hands-on stations. They will hear the sounds of Texas wildlife, touch and see actual corn, rice and wheat kernels, and even produce wind energy to power a small town.

There are many farm animals produced in the state of Texas, ranging from beef and dairy cattle, poultry, sheep and goats and many more. Farm animals play an important role in the Texas economy as well as our daily lives. They not only provide us the food we eat, but the clothes we wear and many other products we use on a daily basis. Planet Agriculture allows guests to see live farm animals, often for the first time. Planet Agriculture farm animals change from venue to venue. The adventures are endless at Planet Agriculture.


Visit Texas Farm Bureau's Planet Agriculture 

Spring of 2016

 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo
 January 15 - February 6
San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo
February 11 - 28
 Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show (Mercedes)
March 11 - 20
More to come in the Fall...