There is an old adage among farmers and ranchers, “We live as if we’ll die tomorrow, farm as if we’ll live forever.” Taking good care of the land helps ensure healthy animals and crops…and a healthy business. Most importantly, it sustains quality of life and makes the world a better place for future generations. Farmers and ranchers have a vested interest in protecting wetlands, eco-diversity and other natural resources. For centuries, they’ve used traditional methods such as crop rotation and mulching to preserve the fertility of the land. Today, farmers and ranchers have even more options at their disposal to help reduce their environmental footprint. Alternative energy is all the buzz these days and the agriculture industry is caught up in it, too. On some farms and ranches methane digesters are used to collect methane gas released from manure and convert it to energy. This "biogas" is a renewable fuel that can be used to generate electricity for both the farm or ranch and the local community.

Did You Know?

There are many erosion control methods that can be used such as conservation tillage systems and crop rotation.