Urban Ag

Do you water your lawn, have a beautiful flowerbed full of blooms or plant a small vegetable garden to help feed your family? If so then you are involved in urban agriculture. While most consumers simply take part in traditional agriculture by purchasing food at their local grocery store, their involvement in the agriculture industry goes beyond just that- urban agriculture is all around you. The most popular form of urban agriculture, community gardening, contributes significantly to developing social connections, building capacity, and empowering communities in urban neighborhoods. Urban agriculture also includes retail garden centers, floriculturists, turf grass and sod growers, the nursery and horticulture industry, landscape architects, landscape installation and maintenance businesses, irrigation contractors, green wholesalers, florists, golf courses and their related businesses. America is changing. Our cities are growing, our small towns are developing new industries, and today there are more people in more places. While this growth brings many benefits, it brings with it many challenges as we continue to balance growth with protecting the environment and providing a sustainable quality of life for Americans everywhere. Agriculture isn’t just for farmers and ranchers anymore, urban agriculture requires everyone to take part and play an important role in protecting our natural resources and becoming more sustainable.

Did You Know?

From the time we wake up and pull back our cotton sheets, pack our lunch, ride to school in a car or school bus with rubber tires, and brush our teeth before going to bed at night, we are involved in agriculture. Agriculture touches us all day, every day.